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About Us!


     As Senior Pastor of New Beginnings (bka NBCT), First Lady and I are delighted to serve God’s people for such a time as this. With God’s help we’re “Building God’s Kingdom by Loving and Serving Others”. Our team work is a compliment of experiencing 20+ years of marriage, ministry, and pastoral ship. The dynamic of our love, longevity, and endurance has been the foundation of this ministry, which is based upon God’s love, forgiveness, and restoration. God is the answer, he’s provided the answer, and we’re here to offer the answer to society’s woes.


       We invite you to come and worship with us; because we’re not having church as usual. Yes we believe and teach the fundamentals of scripture, our worship experience is powerful, the word is filled with Grace and the New Covenant, our ministries and members and maturing; we’re hands on and user friendly; our roots are in holiness yet we’re not traditional; we’re reaching beyond backgrounds, ethnicity, and anything that hinders the free flow of God’s Spirit. I’ve heard our worship service expressed as “I feel free when I come here”, so come participate and not just spectate!


     Why do you want to be part of NBCT’s mission, ministry & vision? It’s easy, because it provides you an opportunity to utilize your gifts, skills, ministry, and more. NBCT is led by the Holy Spirit and rooted in the Word! You’re needed to help us aid the community through profit and non-profit venues. Our aim is to build the community by offering multi-ministry opportunities, which serves God, his people, and the community. Our Community Development Corp. (CDC) is designed to empower, enable, and encourage our communities to provide new businesses, community service, job training and placement, and much more; which builds the community to prevent and or reduces: crime, teenage pregnancy, suicide, broken homes, divorce, AIDS, juvenile delinquency, imprisonment, etc.     

     Your partnership is like a marriage; we both give each other what is needed and lacking, while supporting each other’s dreams and goals. We’re committed to help you grow roots of faith in your relationship with Christ and the community. Since nobody is called to be a “bench member” we believe that you are here to help us build God’s Kingdom with your talent, time, and treasure. Simultaneously providing you with at least a means to celebrate God, have continuous fellowship, evangelism, and ministry opportunity which are design to establish and mature you while using your gifts and skills.  

     Our Motto is NBCT is the “Place Where God’s Blessings are Made New Every Morning”. Therefore, it’s our aim to Allow God’s overflow to attract others to provide Contagious Christianity that influences and encourages the entire community to know that through Christ everyone has Another Chance, a Fresh Start, a Do Over, and a New Beginning. 


Apostle Clifton L. Walker - Sr. Pastor 

Prophetess Trina D. Walker - First Lady

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